5 Top Tips to Manage your Time

As a business owner, I am constantly juggling my time between client meetings, admin, marketing, updating my website and writing articles, whilst still trying to find time for friends and family. [...]

What is true leadership?

When we recruit managers, we usually focus on the technical (résumé) aspects – targets achieved, industry experience, size of teams managed, etc. However, when we think of effective managers, we [...]

What is a RACI Matrix?

Whether leading a department or a specific project, understanding roles and responsibilities are an essential part of management. If these aspects are unclear, then projects risk failure, [...]

Supporting TVM Fashion Lab Limited

The primary challenge for many businesses as they grow is having the capacity and skills in-house to manage the credit control processes effectively. Godby Credit Management was set up to offer [...]

Elements of a late payment letter

When you run a business cash flow is a critical factor of success. If you have clients that continuously pay you late, this can have an impact on your cash flow. We have experience working with [...]

How to be a great Credit Controller!

Credit control is central to the cash flow of any business. Effective credit controllers are vital in ensuring that customers pay on time, every time. Here, we look at some of the key [...]

7 Top tips to avoid late payments

The cash flow of any business is dependent on its customers paying on time. Here are some simple rules to follow: Send invoices out on time, every time If you don’t, then you won’t get paid on [...]

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